The Morning Star Newsletter is the official organ of correspondence for the Morning Star Baptist Church. The newsletter is published three to four times a year and contains valuable information for readers of all ages. The objective of the newsletter is to focus on all facets of church life and stimulate interest in their maintenance, inter-relationships and growth.

The church newsletter was founded in October, 1981 by Mrs. Ruby Wynn Carter, who served as the Editor-in-Chief. She “crossed the bar” on February 19, 2003 - just three days after celebrating her 90th birthday. With each edition, we give thanks that this special lady displayed the hard work, dedication, and the time to push and prod the editors and reportorial staff to produce a newspaper worthy of being called "The Morning Star." The Morning Star Newsletter is published by the Reaves Christian Publishing Company.


Adrienne Reaves Watson

Assistant Editor
Mrs. Shirley H. Kennedy

Associate Editors

Mrs. Paulette Scott
Mrs. Delphine Claiborne
Deacon Lewis A. Hendrick, Jr.
Deacon Ruth I. Hunt
Deaconess Eunice J. Wooden


Pastor/Spiritual Leader
Dr. Robert L. Elliott, Jr.

Mrs. Paulette Scott
Mr. Randy Shaw
Master Marvin Taylor, Jr.