The various ministries at Morning Star Baptist Church allows members to give God the best of their service during and outside of regular worship. We, as members, realize that God has blessed us with several talents and skills and want to use them in a productive and beneficial manner. The list below represents a few of the auxiliaries that makes Morning Star Baptist Church a dynamic place of worship:


The Brotherhood Auxiliary is under the direction of a chairman and vice chairman. The chief concern of this ministry is to promote unity and cohesiveness among the male members collectively. Furthermore, it serves as a stimuli for enhancing father and son relationships, encourages men of different walks of life to overcome personal obstacles and limitations, and recognize their self-worth as Christian men.


The focus of this ministry is to provide learning experiences for members of all ages that will help them grow spiritually. The different entities within this ministry include Weekly Bible Study, Sunday School, Vacation Bible School and the maintaining and upgrading of the church library. This ministry is designed to build up and maintain strong Christians within the congregation.


The purpose of this ministry is for the deacons and deaconesses to reach out to all members of the church. Each deacon and deaconess is assigned various members of the church. The duties of this ministry varies as needs arise, but the primary duty of the deacons and deaconess is to assist the pastor in giving pastoral care to the congregation. Church members are assigned to a parish ministry where a deacon and deaconess are responsible for maintaining consistent contact with each parish member.


This committee was formed by the pastor to implement activities that will increase the engagement of members in church activities. This ministry is purposed to pay off the church faster using resources from our membership and the community. Fundraisers and events are designed to fulfill this purpose.


The purpose of this ministry is to incorporate sound and computer technology to enhance the worship experience. These forms of technology are used to assist the pastor in delivering sermons, choirs in singing songs of praise, and church officials and members in reading responsive
text and sharing personal testimonies. The church webmaster is responsible for maintaining the church website.


The purpose of this ministry is to assist in carrying out the great commission, both home and abroad. The missionary ministry spreads the gospel to others by meeting the needs of the people. They strive to reach the lost and develop them into full-devoted followers of Christ.


The purpose of this ministry is to present the Gospel in song and to set the atmosphere conducive for praise and worship. The choirs include the Mass Choir, Inspirational Choir, Male Chorus, Youth Choir/Sunbeam Choir, and the Voices of Praise. The musicians and choir members are lead by a minister of music and directress. The music ministry performs a variety of styles to reach all ages, but they are all geared toward exalting the name of Jesus. 


This ministry serves in the capacity as extra support to the pastor both inside and outside of the walls of the church. They make sure the pastor has all necessities in tact to perform his ministry. They provide support through prayer, encouragement, love and works. This ministry sponsors an annual Christmas and birthday celebration to honor the pastor. They are in charge of the Pastor's Anniversary program and are faithful in doing all things in the name of God that he may be praised.


This committee was formed to award financial rewards to our members who have completed the academic requirements for their high school diploma and collegiate degree(s). Candidates that are college-bound (incoming freshmen) are required to complete an application accompanied with their high school transcript and a written essay. The committee is comprised of a president and five committee members. This ministry is in place to encourage students embarking upon a higher level of matriculation and to reward them for their hard work and dedication.


This ministry was formed to provide guidance and leadership to the young ladies of the church. Members of the Deaconess Board will work with the ladies and teach life skills that will make them successful. Topics such as self-esteem, confidence, self-worth, and character but also understanding the importance of education and involvement in church will be discussed.


Considered a vital part of the church ministry. They are responsible for giving that first impression of who Christ is and what our church represents. They are encouraged to be pleasant and hospitable while fulfilling their various duties. They serve on assigned Sundays and accompany the pastor during outside engagements. This ministry consists of male ushers, ladies ushers, and junior male and female ushers.


This ministry is established to minister to the various needs of our young people in the church and community. The youth department is lead by the youth director and assistant youth director. The ministry promotes spiritual growth through teaching and allows the youth to take active roles within regular worship services every fourth Sunday. The youth department gears our children towards discipleship, missions and stewardship.