2. Rev J. J. Sweat (1915 - 1918)

In 1915, the Rev. J. J. Sweat of Charles City was called to pastor. He served until 1918. During that period, a study room was built, a wood house and outdoor restrooms built and the church whitewashed. In 1915, the first organized building committee was appointed. During this time, the church began giving support to the Lebanon Baptist Association and the South James River Baptist Sunday School Convention. Under Rev. Sweat's pastorate, church membership increased to 111.

3. Rev. Floyd Banks (served only 3 months)

The Rev. Lloyd Banks served from September 1918 through December of the same year and then moved to Washington D.C. Under his pastorate, additional church repairs took place. The Women's Church Union was founded by Mrs. Mary J. Jones during this period.

4. Rev. J. H. Alexander (1919 - 1920)

In 1919, the Rev. J. H. Alexander became pastor and served for a year. A pump was purchased for the church's use. A public school committee was appointed to work for the needs of the school when necessary. One need was the use of the church when a program was given.

5. Rev. Festus Columbus Morris (1920 - 1921)

he Rev. Festus Columbus Morris was called to pastor Morning Star in October, 1920 and was installed in April, 1921. He had attended the Morris College of Anderson, SC. Under Rev. Morris pastorate, a Building and Improvement Committee implemented who planned, led and supervised several physical aspects of growth. The church then became insured, with the Board of Education helping with the premium since it was being used for day school purposes until a school house could be built.

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